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  Club Officers:  
Office Name Contact
Sean Gardner - KD6CUB
Vice President: Martin Raue - WB5LJO E-Mail
Secretary: Charlie Dockens - K2CED


Treasurer: T. Brad Smith  - KA5CDJ E-Mail


  Club Directors:  
Term Name Contact

2011 - 2013

Paul Launspach - N5FAZ E-Mail

2012 - 2014

Doug Garcia - AE5HE E-Mail

2012 - 2014

Reiner Junge - AE5RJ E-Mail
2011 - 2013 Cherry Smith - W5DPD E-Mail
  Club Staff:  
Position Name Contact
Webmaster: T. Brad Smith  - KA5CDJ E-Mail
Station Trustee: T. Brad Smith  - KA5CDJ E-Mail




The West Texas Repeater Association meets quarterly at the alternating El Paso Radio Club Clubhouses.



Please Note:

The Next Quarterly Meeting of the WTRA will be April 10th,  2013. 

Time: 7 P.M.  (1900 Hrs.)

Location is The El Paso Amateur Radio Club 2100 San Diego Ave. El Paso, Texas.







Membership in the W.T.R.A. is granted for a minimum annual donation of $20.00 with additional Licensed immediate family members at $10.00 each.  Mail your donations to:


West Texas Repeater Association

Post Office Box 31628

El Paso, Texas 79931


Or you can pay here ON-LINE !!


All repeaters are assembled and maintained at considerable expense and inconvenience.  In this instance these machines are owned, operated and maintained by the West Texas Repeater Association.  Regular users of these repeaters should support the efforts of keeping these repeaters on the air.





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