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FCC Restrictions on 420 - 450 Bands in the El Paso and Surrounding areas.

Ronald A Parise, WA4SIR (SK)

The K5WPH, "Sun City Amateur Radio Club" Annual Auction 2008

South of the Border Interference Killing the 444.200 Repeater

Richard Garriott onboard the ISS

"Sun City Amateur Radio Club" K5WPH Celebrating their 50th Anniversary

The El Paso area Skywarn Recognition Day 2008

The Sun City Amateur Radio Club 2008 Christmas Party

KRGX National Weather Service Reno, NV Dome Failure 12-19-2008

         Are Sun Spots Disappearing??  (May be of more interest to HF type folks but posted here for information)


El Paso County launches the Citizen Alerting Network


Researchers Crack the Mystery of the Missing Sunspots


April 2011 WTRA Meeting


APRS Alert


New Accepted Bylaws .... Click here to view







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